10 Things You May Not Know About Me

Happy Monday!

Today I’m back at school to finish the second half of the semester. I only have my night class tonight, but still Spring Break is over and it’s back to school! I’m going to be doing something a little bit different today, at least I feel it’s different. I’m getting a little more personal and letting you in on a few “secrets”!

So, do you really know me? Probably not, but that’s okay. I want you guys to know me, I mean it’s helpful to know about who is talking to you about beauty products and college tips and whatnot! So, let’s get to know me!

One |I played softball in high school

I love sports and I loved when I played softball. There are still times where I wish I was playing now. I injured my elbow the summer before my senior year of high school and I couldn’t really play my last year. I did get to squeeze in some playing time, but it was really hard to go through. I would say that the void that was left was part of the reason I started this blog. {Even though it was a year after I graduated.}

Two | I’m very interested in the aviation industry

I don’t talk about it often on here but I’m definitely interested in the aviation industry. not just travelling. When your boyfriend is the one handling most special projects for your station, it’s hard not to be. Although he is the one who initially sparked my interest, ever since it has been something that I am genuinely curious about.

Three | I’m obsessed with graphic tees

I just recently got one covered in cacti. Yes, I’ve been trying to “mature” my style and refine is as I’m graduating next semester; however, I do have a soft spot for graphic tees. There were some other cute ones in H&M around my cactus shirt and I wish I could have gotten them all!

Four | I’m a cactus enthusiast

I enjoy looking at a nice Saguaro cactus every once in awhile. Remember that graphic tee I mentioned? I would say I enjoy cacti, not touching them though. You should see some of the weird cacti we have in the desert.

Five | Penguins are hands down my absolute favorite animal

I’m talking about obsessed. I love penguins, they are so cute! I don’t really know how to explain it, but they are just so adorable! {Plus, they’re always looking so snazzy!} I just love how cute and silly penguins are!

Six | I’m obsessed with looking at the stars

One of my favorite things to do is looking at the stars. It’s always something that has been calming to me. It’s a little hard now in Phoenix, with all of the city lights but last week driving home from Palm Springs I was definitely cranking my head to see the stars. I can’t explain the reason, but it I just get a very calming feeling while laying on the ground and looking at the stars. It’s like the sounds fade and that’s all I’m focused on.

Seven | I’m a crazy cat lady, kind of

I love cats, they are so adorable. My grandma had two cats, at separate times, and they were so adorable! I’ve grown up around cats but never had my own, and now Matt and I have two! When I was little I had a very bad experience with one of my neighbor’s dogs and I’ve still never fully gotten over it. I also just think cats are very adorable, I definitely relate with cats. I sleep a lot, I like to do things myself, I’m easily distracted. I’m basically a cat.

Eight | I am nocturnal, basically

I am most definitely a night person. I hate waking up early and I like staying up late. This is the main reason why I work the night shift at work, plus I just like that shift more. No 5am in-time for me! I’ve always been a night person and I think eventually it may change and I may even out my day, but as long as I’m coming home at 1am, I’m not going to be a morning person.

Nine | I was part of tech crew in high school

Yes, I was part of tech crew in high school and I loved it! I’m much more of a behind the scenes person than being out on stage. {Even though I have done both} It’s very great to see how your hard work has paid off when you see the performance, even if it’s from the wings.

Ten | I write fiction

Yup, I enjoy creative writing besides blogging. I’ve taken two creative writing classes, and even though I’ve somewhat slowed down on writing I still think about things that I would like to write. I’ve also slowed down on creative writing because I’m busy with work {which is super un-creative} and because I’m very critical of my own writing.

I hope you have learned a little bit more about the girl behind The Arizona Prepster! What are some things that someone may not know about you?

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  1. The aviation industry is so cool! I got the opportunity to fly a plane in high school and I've been fascinated with all of it ever since! Palmerwww.thedarlingdiary.com

  2. Love reading these types of posts! I love cats too, especially my two babies 🙂 Anniewww.miscellannieous.com

  3. I totally understand your obsession with the stars, I'm the same! very relaxing to look at them. And I also identify myself with your 8 and 10!Your blog is very cute 🙂 Jéssicahttp://missjesscar.blogspot.pt/

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