2016 Year in Review

Hey there and happy 2017! Today I wanted to share my 2016 Year in Review! I know I’m a little behind, but ever since the day after graduation, I’ve been working nearly non-stop! Now that I finally have time to sit down, I want to share my year in review for 2016!

2016 was a pretty exciting year for me, online and off!

Here’s what happened online!

In April, I changed my blog name from The Arizona Prepster to Creatively Lauren. I felt that I needed a change, and that the name didn’t fit the direction I wanted to go with the blog. When I started The Arizona Prepster, I wanted it to go in the direction of a fashion blog, but that’s not where the blog ended up heading.

I also ended up posting less frequently as the year went on. This was mostly because of how busy I got, especially in the fall semester. However, I did still compile a list of my top 10 posts from this year.

My Top 10 posts of 2016:

1. Five Bloggers Every College Woman Should Read

2. Five Tips to Help You Excel in Online Classes

3. How to Prepare for Move-In Day

4. Four Reasons Why You Should Get a Job in College

5. 15 Must Have Apps for College Students

6. Five Apps You Should Have as a Blogger

7. Where You Can Find Awesome Student Discounts

8. How You Can Use Trello for Your Classes

9. Why I Quit my Honors Program

10. How to Combat Senioritis

Here’s what happened offline!

In June, I celebrated one year with Piedmont/American! So much has happened since I started working with Piedmont, and so much more is going to happen this upcoming year. I’m so thankful that I’ve gotten to work with some amazing people!

In December, I graduated from ASU! My mom came out from California to watch me graduate and it was great! I can’t believe that I’m finally done, it’s crazy! I’m currently working on a dedicated post all about my graduation.

Matt and I visited a new city! In July, Matt and I visited Kansas City, Missouri. It was amazing getting to visit a different city. The only downside, these big flying bugs that seemed to be obsessed with my hair. No thank you! I love traveling and I hope I’ll get to do more in 2017!

Those are the highlights from 2016 both on the blog and off in real life. 2016 was a pretty awesome year for me and I hope that 2017 is even better! What are some of the highlights from your year? Let me know in the comments!

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