25 Weekly Spreads to Add to Your Bullet Journal

Hye there! Today I wanted to share some inspiration for your bullet journal! I go to Instagram to find my bullet journal inspiration. Instagram is full of bullet journalers sharing their spreads and I want to share some of my awesome finds with you!

I wanted to share these to give inspiration. Do not feel like if you can’t do some of the more creative spreads then you can’t do a bullet journal. There are creative and simple spreads alike in this post. So, here are 25 weekly spreads and why I enjoy them!

(If you’re not a fan of cussing, image #9 has the b-word in it, just an FYI)

1. @dutch_dots

A post shared by Manon (@dutch_dots) on

I love the creativity with the bubbles. This is one that I definitely believe takes some artistic abilities but it is so beautiful.

2. @meglong.art

A post shared by Megan Long (@meglong.art) on

This one is something more my style, simple. I love the monochromatic take on the layout. I used to do my layout similar, but no highlighter dividers, just pens.

3. @matchaa.studies

A post shared by 🌿 s t u d y g r a m 🌿 (@matchaa.studies) on

This is another creative and beautiful weekly spread. I love the watercolor design and that it is still functional.

4. @happybirdstudio

A post shared by Happy Bird Studio (@happybirdstudio) on

I love that this one is simple yet creative. The little squares create a random design but there is still plenty of useful space for lists and appointments.

5. @snuggstudy

A post shared by @snuggstudy on

This one is very simple and the lettering is the design. If you’re good at handlettering, I definitely suggest doing a layout similar to this one. Pale pink is always a cute layout idea.

6. @mangos_studies

A post shared by Theodosia (@mangos_studies) on

This one is very simple, but I really like the layout of zig-zagging days. I also like the green color, it reminds me of succulents. I like that it is different than the traditional red white and blue many do in July.

7. @mariejaime.bujo

A post shared by Marilene Jaime (@mariejaime.bujo) on

This one is super cute and reminds me of kawaii. Pastel pink and blue along with yellow is a classic color combo. I do like that this layout includes meals and another notes section.

8. @annesbujo

A post shared by AS 🌱 Bullet Journal (@annesbujo) on

This is another simple spread, and I really like the yellow because it reminds me of summertime.

9. @kt.nergdron

A post shared by Katie Nordgren (@kt.nergdron) on

This one is very interesting. I’m a big fan of washi tape in my bujo, but I have not used them as dividers before. I also have not tried the triangle boxes before either.

10. @jolty

A post shared by Gabe Peters (@jolty) on

I like this one because it goes back to the bullet journal’s original routes of being minimalistic. The floral accents make this design pretty cute.

11. @skjournals

A post shared by Christina + Sharon (@skjournals) on

This one is also minimalistic, even if it’s not quite original bujo. The cute stickers make this spread adorable. I haven’t used stickers in my spreads and I was looking into using them as decoration.

12. @bujobydei

A post shared by Bujo by Dei (@bujobydei) on

I love how true to minimalistic bullet journaling this spread is. I’m not into minimalism, but if you are, definitely try out this spread. I like that the cursive headers and the alphabet down the side create a design for the spread.

13. @soph_handlettering

A post shared by Sophia Tan (@soph_handlettering) on

This floral minimal look is very cute. If you’re using your bujo simply for checklists and not really journaling, then a design that takes up a lot of the page is cute and could work for a spread.

14. @enari_s18

A post shared by えなり (@enari_s18) on

I like how much is put on the spread. I like that the weekly layout is vertical and that there is still room for a weekly recap as well as a to-do list and some other stuff around. I also like that it doesn’t look too cramped with all of that on the pages.

15. @lets.bujournal

A post shared by erin (@lets.bujournal) on

This floral spread reminds me of a forest with all of the leaves at the top. I also like the dashes instead of full lines, I think that is cute and not something many people do.

16. @planwithady

A post shared by Plan w/ Ady (adybulletjournal) (@planwithady) on

This spread is very simple, and I like that there is a lot of white space and room for creativity at the top of the pages.

17. @sparrowinthesun

A post shared by S P A R R O W 👩🏻‍💻 (@sparrowinthesun) on

This spread is so cute! It’s definitely one where the lettering is the focal point of the design with washi accenting it. Regardless, it’s super cute and I love it!

18. @bookishplanning

A post shared by Carolina C (@bookishplanning) on

I like this one for the opposite reason I liked #17. I like that this spread is packed with words with a touch of pictures. I love that when this spread is filled, there is no white space left.

19. @my.life.in.a.bullet

A post shared by Cristina (@my.life.in.a.bullet) on

I like this one because it is more than one week on two pages. I also like the preciseness of the floral crescent at the bottom with the hand-drawn date headers for the days.

20. @the.petite.planner

A post shared by The Petite Planner (@the.petite.planner) on

I like the color palette of this spread. I also like the use of space and that there is room for a lot of stuff, particularly because there are only four days on the two pages.

21. @els.bujo

A post shared by El’s Bujo (@els.bujo) on

This one reminds me of summer. I like that the spread is half image and quotes but there is still enough room for checklists and appointments.

22. @storiesinbullet

A post shared by Stories In Bullet Format (@storiesinbullet) on

I like how minimal this one is. I like the clean boxes and the large serif letters. This is definitely one I would try, but probably make the boxes smaller so I could use washi tape still on the pages.

23. @pensanddots

A post shared by Val (@pensanddots) on

I love how clean the lines are one this one. I also like how there is enough room for everything and there is just a splash of color on the page.  I also like the layout and how everything perfectly fits.

24. @mscactusrose

A post shared by Rose Zapata (@mscactusrose) on

I like this one, yes it is a week on four pages instead of two, but I like the use of the time bar on the side of the columns. That is definitely different.

25. @bulletjournalstore.nl

A post shared by Bujo tips & inspiratie (@bulletjournalstore.nl) on

I like this lemon spread. I like that half of the page is the day spreads and the other half is for tasks. I think that’s helpful if you have tasks you need to get done that week, not necessarily that day.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post! I hope you get some inspiration from these weekly spreads and are inspired to try something new in your bullet journal! Do you have a bullet journal weekly spread you want to share? Tag me on Instagram at @CreativelyLauren or leave your handle in the comments and I’ll check it out!

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