An Open Letter: Arizona Weather

I always see these “open letters” and I thought it would be fun to try one. I decided to do this one to the weather because it is on some kind of roller coaster right now.

Dear Arizona Weather,

Your promise of warmth most of the year is what drew me here, and don’t get me wrong I love it. But right now, you’re being a little weird. On Monday, it was a crisp 60 degrees but on Friday it will be 81 degrees. That is not okay Arizona, not okay. These weather swings are getting a little ridiculous. Wearing jeans, sweaters, and Uggs one day and then short sleeves and shorts the next is getting frustrating. I need to put my summer clothes away to make room! It’s November, it’s time to make up your mind Arizona, you’re either hot OR cold not both. Regardless, I still love you Arizona, I just hope you can make up your mind before I get sick. Also, do you know when El Nino is coming by? I definitely need to be ready for that. Thanks!

Concerned Arizonan

I hope you enjoyed this little “letter”! Who would you write an open letter to?


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