Attending a “Small” College

I know some of you who know I go to ASU are thinking “you do not go to a small college” but I do go to a small campus, and although it isn’t the same thing it is pretty close. For those who don’t know, ASU is compiled of five campuses; Tempe, Downtown Phoenix, Polytechnic, West, and Havasu {brand new}. 

I attend the West campus, which is small. There are two main classroom buildings, two dorm buildings, a dining hall, a fitness center, a student center building, a faculty building and two lecture hall buildings. During weekends, the campus is empty, there is rarely anyone walking around.

My point, is that this is a small campus and really does have a small college feel. My college in ASU is New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences and is only on the West campus. I chose this campus because it had my major wasn’t as big as the Tempe campus; Tempe is just too overwhelming for me.

Everyone has a different expectation of what they want from college, and I feel that there is sometimes a misconception about “not getting the college experience” on a small campus or at a small college. It’s not that you don’t get the college experience, you just get a different one; you get the one that you make for yourself. The classes are smaller so your professors are more likely to get to know you better and you’re able to get to know your classmates better. You’ll see many familiar faces around campus, and there are great places to relax outside without the hustle and bustle of tens of thousands of students.

I’m not knocking the Tempe “college experience”, it’s just not what I wanted for myself. At the end of the day, I’m happy with the campus that I chose. I love walking around and admiring the beauty of the West campus. When I go to the Tempe campus, I admire the beauty of the Tempe campus {well, the parts I venture to}; because don’t get me wrong the Tempe campus is beautiful as well!

So if you want to attend a big university, go ahead! If you want to attend a small college, that’s cool too! Don’t let someone tell you that you’re going to miss miss out “the college experience” because your college experience is what you make of it!


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