August 2017 Blog Traffic Report

Hey there! It’s September and that means that it’s time to share my August traffic numbers! Every month I share my traffic stats to show what my numbers are, how I use social media to drive traffic to my blog and to share that it’s okay to have lower numbers. Many traffic reports show these big numbers and make newer bloggers feel disappointed about their numbers. Remember, it’s not always about the numbers. You can have lower numbers but a tight-knit community. Stop comparing, and do you!

So, let’s get into this month’s numbers!

This month I had 795 sessions that resulted in 1,222 pageviews. 


For Twitter, I ended the month with 28,000 impressions and 959 followers.

I still am using Google Calendar and IFTTT to schedule my tweets for me.


I ended the month with 71,367 impressions and 42,734 viewers. I also ended the month with 1,261 followers, which was an increase in 24 followers.

I also ended the month with an average of 49,740 monthly viewers and 2,883 average monthly engaged users.

My stats declined a bit for the first half of the month as I wasn’t being diligent about making sure there were pins in my queue on Tailwind for the days I was at work. For the last half of the month I made sure that my queue had pins in it at all times.

Etsy Shop

I ended the month with 258 visits and 309 listing views. I also had 9 favorites, 1 was a shop favorite and 8 were listing favorites. Unfortunately, again, I didn’t have any sales this month. However, last month I did open a second Etsy shop that sells the stickers that I originally opened my shop with! So, go ahead and check out Arizona Designs Co Stickers: azdesignscostickers.etsy.com!

I hope you enjoyed this month’s traffic report!

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