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Happy Tuesday!

It is December and last week of the semester!

Blog Recap November was a pretty busy month. I’m perfecting my “What I Love Wednesday” “Crafty Thursday” and “Friday Favorites” and I think they’re coming along {at least I hope so}. Besides that I did some pretty cool stuff!
Michaela and Connie hosted a Rainy Day linkup that I invited to be a part of. It was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to doing more {and maybe host one of my own?}. I loved the outfit that I picked for that day and being able to see all of the other participants’ posts was really cool! You can find that post here.
I also reviewed a Monogrammed Tassel Bracelet from Marley Lilly! It felt honoring to be part of a select group of bloggers to be able to review an item of theirs. As far as I know it was only a one-time deal but hopefully they will offer it again soon. You can find that post here.
Life Lately Lately I have been feeling less than 100%. Last Monday I got a major migraine which kept me out of classes for two days. I continued to feel sick up until Thanksgiving. I finally started feeling better by Thursday and continued to feel better. However yesterday afternoon I got another migraine and I feel like the cycle is just starting all over again. Hopefully, I don’t continue to feel this way because I have a lot coming up.
Also, I have been going back and forth with myself on something that is becoming pretty important to me. I’m thinking about trying out for the ASU Drill Team. The Drill Team is a group of girls who dance for community events and school spirit events. If you’ve known me you know that I used to be very active in athletics and theater by playing softball and doing technical crew. Since I’ve come to Arizona State I haven’t done anything athletic or theater related. Now with my elbow still not 100% {I don’t think it ever will be} I realized that I may need to try something else to stay active and fulfill my need of being on a team and having that togetherness. I’m really tired of just sitting on the couch {I think it’s starting to mess with my back} and doing nothing but stare at a computer screen. Anyway, the tryouts are January 18th and I’m so nervous which is why I’m still “deciding”.

Lastly, this year was mine and Matt’s first “official” thanksgiving together! Last year we had Thanksgiving together but we didn’t go all out with the stuffing and all of the goodies; we didn’t even get a full turkey! This year we got a {small} full turkey, stuffing, instant mashed potatoes, corn and Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider! It was the best! I also got to FaceTime my family so I didn’t feel too left out.

Well, that is what I’ve been up to! How has your life been?


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  1. Thank you for mentioning the linkup! It was so much fun! I say go for drill team – it won't hurt to try!Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

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