Blog Traffic Report | March 2016

Happy Tuesday!

I was pretty happy with the results of last month’s traffic report, which was also my first! {You can check that out here}I also got great feedback from other bloggers with around the same amount of traffic. I kept hearing that they were so glad someone with the same amount as them was sharing their traffic!

So I’ve decided to continue doing this monthly traffic report in hopes to show how the blog grows! This month I’m also going to start tracking Pinterest and Twitter analytics since those are the two that I spend the most time on.

Here is my Google Analytics dashboard for March! This month I had 965 users and 2,011 pageviews. My bounce rate was 76.76%, basically the same from last month. It’s still high, I’m trying to find out ways to lower it. If you have any tips, let me know!

Out of the 1,156 sessions The Arizona Prepster had, 78% of them were new sessions. The average session duration was 1 minute and 32 seconds, that’s not bad but it’s not too great.

For Pinterest, I had 42,966 viewers and 122,473 impressions to my Pinterest profile. I ended the month with 360 Pinterest followers! I continued to use Boardbooster this month, however I am going through my blog’s board and deleting old pins with the old and very amateur graphics. I know it kind of throws off the chronology of my board but I don’t really want the graphics from the beginning of The Arizona Prepster showing up on people’s feeds.

For Twitter, I had 127,600 impressions and gained 78 followers in March! I’ve been continuing to use Buffer for scheduling out old posts and other tweets. I really do love Buffer in helping me “loop” tweets, basically. I’m hoping to participate in Twitter chats again, the main one I participated in is now during my class because of daylight savings time.

I can tell though that I’m pretty limited with Buffer since I can only buffer ten tweets at a time, which makes my tweets start and stop in random places due to work/school/sleeping. Hopefully soon I will be able to upgrade to their paid plan and be able to expand more. I’m excited to see what happens with this month!

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Do you have any tips of generating traffic? Do you enjoy this post? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. As a newbie blogger, this is really helpful to see! Do you have any tips on how you were able to get more new visitors than returning? I've been struggling to reach more people with my blog!Juliahttp://www.thephillyphotoblog.com/

    1. When I share my posts on Twitter, I tag some blog RT accounts, and add relevant hashtags (when I can). Pinning to group boards is how I try and spread my reach through Pinterest! Just keep sharing, especially on Pinterest with your photo blog!

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