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Making collages and graphics is a huge part of blogging and many bloggers just starting out are not comfortable spending money on Adobe Photoshop. Many are just looking for something simple to get their feet wet. Well, one free option I have found is Canva. (They also have a paid option)

Canva is free to sign up and is very easy to use. There are so many design options from Facebook headers, to Blog headers, to Instagram posts, to letterheads, to Kindle covers! You can also make custom dimensions {but once you set a dimension size you CANNOT change it. However, that will be changing in something totally awesome!}

I used Canva for everything; all of my social media headers, my blog header, my blog graphics, and even my media kit are all made on Canva {using free options!}.

My old {pictured above} and current blog headers were made on Canva!

Once you pick your design size, the possibilities are endless! They have whole layouts, single backgrounds, many text options, and little extras to add that extra pizazz.  Or, if you have a picture you really want to use, you can add your own picture and use it as a background.

My “What’s in My Bag?” graphic made on Canva!

Now, they have many free pictures/graphics/texts but there are backgrounds/graphics/texts that cost money. Anything that has a “$” costs $1. Now there are rules to using these, you have only 24 hours to edit your graphic and then that’s it.

Now to something awesome! Canva is now coming out with Canva for Work! You can sign up for early access here! In Canva for Work, there will be the option to resize your image!! There are going to be many other awesome features but that is the feature I’m most excited about!

So, if you’re just starting out, looking for something easy, or just want to explore with something new, I highly suggest trying out Canva! What do you use to create your graphics? Do you like Canva?

*The early access link is a referral link, I do not receive any compensation and you are not obligated to do anything.


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  1. I have heard a bit about Canva, and I haven't quite gotten it down yet! I make a lot of my images on PicMonkey and I love it! But I definitely want to figure out how to use Canva more!

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