Blogging Traffic Report | February

Happy Monday!

I’ve decided that I’m going to be starting something new, and share the traffic that my blog receives. I’m pretty nervous because I feel like my traffic is low and not really anything special, but I also want to share the things that I’ve done throughout the month to get the traffic that I’ve got.

February is over and that means that it's time for my blog traffic report! I'm sharing my traffic and what I do to get it on the blog!

So, first I want to share my reason behind doing so. I feel like I always see “bigger” bloggers share their blog traffic reports and they have such a high number of views and I start to feel discouraged and I’m sure others do as well. That’s why I wanted to share my numbers, to show that no matter the traffic, it is important!

So, first I wanted to share my Google Analytics dashboard from February. I had 1,513 pageviews and 810 users visit The Arizona Prepster last month! My bounce rate was just over 76.10%, and I’ve heard the good area for that is around 60% so mine is a bit high.

One thing that I did find interesting was that out of all 954 sessions, over 79% of them were new visitors to the site! I’ve recently had a high-70’s percentage of new sessions/visitors which is pretty awesome!

So this past month I’ve been trying to share my older blog posts more on social media and keeping things constantly moving. On Pinterest, I started using Board Booster and began looping a couple of my boards! Since, I have seen a growth in followers on Pinterest, which is great! However, I think I need to wipe out my blog board and start over with the new graphics. I know that’s going to be a big task but I think it needs to be done. I also try to schedule tweets to go out to certain group boards, I need to get better with that.

With Twitter, I try to schedule blog posts with Tweetdeck and then I also use Buffer. I use Tweetdeck when I want something to go out at a certain time, and I use Buffer for everything else, basically. I highly suggest using Buffer to schedule tweets/posts/links; it is so helpful and you can set as many times on the schedule as you want!

In February, I gained 99 new Twitter followers and Pinterest I gained about 15 or so new followers. {their analystics doesn’t tell me} These are the two platforms I’ve been focusing on. I’m trying to take it one platform {or two} at a time. Hopefully, I can see even better results this month! I can’t wait to share them with you!

Do you find these posts helpful? Should I keep doing them? Let me know!

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  1. Awesome way to share and to document your progress. I saw your post on Blog and Biz BFFs, and I just want to say hi. =)

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