Christmas Eve Traditions

Hey there! It’s December 24th and that means it’s Christmas Eve and it’s the end of Blogmas! Because it’s Christmas Eve, I want to share some Christmas Eve traditions that I want to start next year and one that I’m starting this year!

Christmas Eve Traditions

Now, these are going to be traditions that are just for me and Matt, because right now we don’t have any kids. I’m sure I’ll come up with some new, child-inclusive ones when the time comes! The only thing is, working with an airline, it can make things a little difficult when it comes to starting traditions. So, I’m hoping

Christmas Pajamas

I’m starting this tradition this year! I bought Matt and I matching pajamas. I think matching pajamas for Christmas is super cute. For the past couple of years, Matt’s mom has been getting us matching pajama bottoms, so I wanted to continue that one now that we’re married and get matching pajama sets.

Christmas Eve Box

This is something I was seeing a lot of on Pinterest when reading Christmas content. It seems like it’s for kids, but I’m thinking of making an adult version for next year. I hadn’t heard of a Christmas box before, but it seems to be a box and putting fun Christmas Eve gifts and activities inside of it. I don’t know what I’m going to put in it just yet, but that’s what I have the next year for!

Bake and Decorate Cookies

I love baking, even though I don’t do it often. So, I want to spend time on Christmas Eve baking some sweet treats! I want to venture into baking other items other than sugar cookies since that’s usually what I bake. When I was younger, my family would go to a family friend’s house and decorate sugar cookies. That is also something I want to start doing, because I think it would be fun to decorate sugar cookies on Christmas Eve!

Watch a Christmas movie

I find a lot of Christmas movies that play on Ion and Hallmark pretty cheesy, and so does Matt. That being said, I do want to start the tradition of watching a Christmas movie on Christmas Eve. I think it’s cute to open up a present, and then get in our new pajamas, and then snuggle up on the couch and watch a Christmas movie.

What are some of your Christmas Eve traditions? Let me know in the comments!

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