Christmas Tree Fun


I am finally on winter break! (All my finals have passed/closed) so I can now relax!

Yesterday Matt and I flew into California so he, his dad and I could go find a Christmas tree for his family! I went last year and it was so much fun (and freezing cold!) and this year was just as fun! When is picking out a Christmas tree not fun?

So, it took us four lots to actually find a tree that fit in their “criteria”: super tall, wide, bushy, no bad areas. I’m not kidding, we drove to Somis, up to Santa Paula then back around to Fillmore then Santa Clarita before we found this tree. It is so cute though. It’s not as tall as it was last year or years previous but it’s still 8′ tall so it’s good!

It only took about thirty seconds to cut down. I was about to open my camera to take a selfie with Matt, I had just put the extra saw down, and the tree was cut and falling so I couldn’t. It came down that fast. It took more time to find the tree lot with the tree that we wanted than it took to cut it down.

Here’s some pictures from yesterday!

Look how big it is!
Tying down the tree with rope
We’re cute
Tied to the car

Afterwards we drove back, got some In-n-Out and then took the tree back to Matt’s house so we could put it up. They didn’t even have to tie it to the banister!

Do you get a real or fake Christmas tree?


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