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It’s about that time for students to start thinking about/applying to college! And even if that’s not you, you probably know someone who is about to. However this is not just directed towards those about to apply; there will also be tips for those who are not quite there yet.

Applying to college can seem like the scariest thing in a teenager’s life. Where to go? What are the requirements? Do I even want to go to college? There are so many questions that flood a student’s brain. It’s no wonder that many just push it off until the very last minute.

It’s Not All About That GPA/SAT/ACT Score

Contrary to popular belief; colleges don’t look at your GPA and nothing else. In high school, at least for me and many others that I’ve talked to, test scores and GPA were emphasized so much that I never heard the word “extra curricular” until it was time to apply to college.


Nowadays, colleges are looking for well rounded individuals. There’s a reason that college applications have boxes for you to talk about your extra curricular activities, because they want to know you’re not devoting all of your time to school. Although that makes you smart, extra curricular activities give you skills that academics just can’t give you. These skills are what colleges want to know that you have. {This also applies to jobs, if you’ve never had a job before use these extra curriculars as “activity experience”}

It’s Not All About Those Extra Curriculars

Now, I haven’t seen too many examples of this but it has happened; where schools focus solely on extra curriculars and then don’t bother telling students that “hey you do need a decent GPA and a nice test score” until it’s time to apply for college. Even though GPA isn’t everything, it is something; I mean you are going there to learn, right? Right…? Anyway, so you do have to show that you are serious about academics and learning.

It does you no good if you have all of these excellent skills but in gaining those skills, you slacked on your academics. Education is important, especially in today’s job market, so it is important that you show that you are ready to learn.

Research Beforehand

Before you go and take your SAT {or ACT}, know what base score your college wants so you know where you’re cushion is. Now, even if you’re close to this base score they’ll still take you if you show that you’ll be an excellent fit at the school. {Same with base GPA}. However, you want to know what their “lowest score” is so you have all of your facts.

Another tip: Take the SAT early, that way if you’re not happy with your score, you have time to take it again. You have a good chance of getting a better score the second time around so make sure you give yourself that possibility if you choose to take it.

Ask Your Parents for Help

Now this one, I didn’t do. I did it all by myself and they didn’t even know I applied until I got acceptance letters in the mail {oops}. Looking back, I wish I did ask for help and support. If they’ve gone to college, then they know how stressful it can be. Yes, “times were different back then” and whatnot but it really hasn’t changed that much. Your parents are there to support you and want to help you, so let them!

Just Go For It!

SO many are afraid to apply to their dream school because they may be rejected; but that’s all that will happen. Your world will not end, your life will not stop, you just won’t get into that dream school and that is their loss! However, for that school that rejected you, there will be a school that will accept you and that you will fall head over heels in love with! And if there isn’t, then you can always go to community college and transfer to that dream school as a junior {but I believe you’ll find that new “dream school”}. Like I said, the worst they’ll say is no, but someone else will say yes if they do. Just take the leap and apply!

Apply During Early Decision


Many schools have early applications and deadlines {and special benefits for doing so} and I highly suggest doing this. Applying early decision means you’ll get your decision early {The first few months of the year AND you don’t have to commit until May}. Then if you don’t get in {or you have second thoughts} then you can apply to other colleges during the regular admission time. If you do get into your school{s} of choice, then you don’t have to worry! It’s a win-win!

You’re More Than Your GPA

This is more of a personal tip for you. You are more than your GPA and test scores. Don’t think that just because you have a lower GPA than what your dream school wants means that you’re not good enough because you are. You are a unique individual that will excel wherever they go!

Good luck with those college applications! Do you have any tips on college applications?!

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  1. This is all SO true, and I love how you emphasize "it's not all about" either SATs/grades AND extra-curriculars…it really is about achieving that balance between the two! Props, girlfriend!cominguprosestheblog.com

    1. Thank you! That's exactly what colleges are looking for, balance!Lauren | The Arizona Prepster

  2. That's so true. Applying to college was quite scary for me too. But the scariest thing for me was essay writing. I often used some help of writing service at essaynara.com to get good marks for writing.

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