Why You Should Care About Financial Aid

Happy Wednesday!

I know I didn’t post on Monday, but I have been crazy busy with midterms, which have taken up all of my free time when I’m not working. I just couldn’t get a post together and I didn’t want to just throw something up here without really putting my effort into it. Anyway, today I want to talk about financial aid, since the deadline to file your FAFSA was yesterday! {did you do it?! You should have!}

I know when this time of year comes around, and your school starts hounding you about your FAFSA, you moan and groan and wonder “what is the point?”. Don’t worry, I do too, every single time. Financial aid and I have had a very stressful relationship during my college career, and you may have had one with it as well. That doesn’t mean that you should give up completely on it though.

It can definitely be stressful looking at the FAFSA all on your own {thankfully, my dad helps me}. This step is crucial in securing any kind of financial aid. Most, if not all, scholarships your school offers, requires your FAFSA to be done. If not, you can fill in the information in a little form, but you still have to know the information. I know it can be awkward to talk about your family’s financials {it is to me at least} but you need to if you want to secure any kind of scholarship from your university or from the government.

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So, why are scholarships/financial aid important? Because college is frickin expensive! Duh! If you can get even $1,000 to help with your tuition, then why wouldn’t you. It is desired to graduate with as little student loan debt as possible. Plus, if your school wants to give you money because of how smart and/or talented you are, then you should take it! School is hard enough, don’t make it harder by worrying about money on top of your classes.

There are so many scholarships available, for so many different things. I’ve heard that there are scholarships for everyone out there! It may seem like there are no scholarships out there for you, but you have to look really hard for some of them. Even if they’re like $500, that’s better than nothing. Apply to as many as you can find that apply to you!

Financial Aid is something every student should care about. Even if you think that you’re not going to be getting anything from the government, or your school, you never know what you may find out there. There are so many scholarships available, you just have to look for them! I hope you filled out your FAFSA this year! Go out and apply to those scholarships!

Do you have any tips on gaining financial aid?

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