Choosing Next Semester’s Classes

College seems to fly by. Part of that seems to be because when you’re in the middle of a semester, you have to already think about next semester! Why?! I understand that going from fall to spring semesters, there isn’t much time in between. But from spring to fall semesters there are literally months to decide! So why start so early?! Who knows!

Anyway, today ASU released their Fall 2015 Course Catalog so I’m going to talk about what you need to do when thinking about next semester’s classes!

Meet with Advisor

This is something that I haven’t really done. I only met with my advisor when it was required but then I felt like I could do it myself. However with me finishing up general education and starting to focus on major-related courses I do need to meet with my advisor.

It is important to meet with your advisor because ultimately, they know about your major and the requirements. They also know about what classes count and how, and they know about what you need to do.

Review Course Catalog and Requirements

A course catalog is a list of all courses offered in the semester. It is important that you go through this list and see what is available. It is different from a “class search” because it only lists one of each class instead of every single ENG 101 or MAT 142.

English course catalog via ASU

Now many schools use a “major map” which is basically just breaking down the required courses by semester.

My major map via ASU

So using this, you can see what classes that you need to take and how many credit hours are needed. Using this, you can take the classes {ENG 101, MAT 142, etc.} and search the course catalog for them and plan our your schedule. Now for classes that just have a “theme” {humanities HU, or Computers CS}, you can search for classes with that designation and pick what classes sound interesting.

Take this list of classes and your research to your advisor and get their input on your choices!
Plan What Days You Want

If you don’t want to take 9am classes, then don’t! If you want Fridays off, then don’t take classes on Fridays! {Of course, unless that’s the ONLY day you can take that class}. That’s the beauty of college, you can take the classes whenever you want! So think about when you want to take classes; or if you have to schedule around a job. Really think about when you want to take classes and when you learn best.
Pick Your Classes

Woo! It’s registration day! You met with your advisor and you have all of your classes picked and ready to go! When it’s your registration day you need to be prepared because {depending on your class} you may register later in the block so you really have to make sure you snag the classes that you need right when your registration opens.

Good luck! I hope you get all of the classes that you need next semester!

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  1. I start registration in a few weeks.Just something else to add: make sure you have NO HOLDS! I have bills I haven't paid yet so I'm probably going to be the last to register. Nevertheless, thanks for sharing!Blossomthecreativist.wordpress.com

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