Five Reason Why You Should Attend Your School’s Football Games

School is starting and that means so is college football! {September 3rd everyone!!} For most colleges, many say football is a big part of the “college experience” and I would have to agree. I grew up watching college football, so it already was a big part of my life. 

So once I came to ASU, I knew I had to go to as many games as I could. I have to say, even if you don’t want to go every single year, you have to go to your home games at least one season, and here’s why:

One  Making Friends: You’d be surprised who you would meet in the line to get into the stadium or who is sitting around you in the student section. Whether those friends last throughout your college career or are your game day buddies, you’re bound to make some friends at the game.

Two  School Traditions: Chances are, you’ll learn of some awesome school traditions in the student section. Those are the things that you will hold close to your heart {whether you realize it or not}. A lot of the silly movements and chants I learned in the student section, I do at home on my couch with Matt when we watch at home.

Three  Tailgating/Pregame Festivities: Half of the fun of college football happens BEFORE the game. You can only get in to the stadium a few hours before kickoff, so explore the area and see what events are happening, see what tents or booths you can get into and have some fun!

Four  School Pride {Spirit}: How awesome would it be to be at the game where you crush your rival, or beat a conference rival with an end of the game Hail Mary touchdown {#toostrong}?! It’s those moments, standing in the student section, screaming your heart out that are once in a lifetime! You’ll look back after the season ends and wish you were there with your friends.

Five It’s Fun!: It really is fun. The atmosphere in the stadium is unreal and it’s something to do on a Saturday night besides stay in the dorms. So grab your friends and head over to the game!

Fun fact: Check out the Ten Commandments of College Football Fandom.

All I’m saying is you should go to {at least} one game in your college career! Why do you like going to college football games?

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  1. UCLA and AZ… 10/3…. 4 tickets waiting!!!! Hope you and Matt can somehow swing it!!! 15 mins from Burbank airport, game is mid day 😀

  2. Because my school was small, we didn't have football, but we sure did have basketball! I think I attended so almost every game during Undergrad! xoChristina

  3. My school didn't have a football team and I'm kinda glad it didn't. I'm more of a basketball person and the games were just as exciting and fun to attend. Xoxo, Amanda

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