Finals Week

This is my second to last week of classes and that means the next week after that is the dreaded finals week.

Finals week is something special; it is not just a normal week; it is test upon test upon test. It is endless nights of studying for a two hour test. It is midnight breakfast with your friends before you pull your hair out. Finals week is your right of passage from school to summer!

Plan! Plan! Plan!

If you don’t make a plan, you plan to fail. Literally. You don’t have to go overboard but you should block out study times for each class, what you’re going to study and the breaks. Yes, plan out your breaks! Plan out from the day you want to start studying through to exam day {make sure you put the test dates in there!!}. Also, you should probably go into greater detail of actual finals week because it will become very hectic.
Make sure you stick to your plan! If you’re supposed to study, then give your work your undivided attention! Your plan is useless if you don’t follow it!

Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!

If you plan out everything correctly {and stick to that schedule} you shouldn’t have to pull all-nighters to study. In all seriousness, you need your sleep. All of that studying you did in the wee hours of the morning will be completely useless if your brain is asleep during the exam.

Take Care of Yourself

I know I say this often but it is so important to doing well! Your body doesn’t work right when you don’t take care of yourself. This means sleeping, eating three meals, drinking plenty of water and giving your brain the rest it needs during {your planned} breaks! You should take care of yourself always but it is especially important during this stressful time.

Don’t Study in Bed! {As tempting as it sounds…}

Your bed may be super comfortable but that will not help you study. It also will prevent you from sleeping when you decide it’s time to go to bed. {No really, it will}. Laying down in your bed is proven to lower your productivity, so get up out of bed and head down to the library or dining hall, or even just outside!

Change Up Your Scenery Throughout the Day

You may want to study all day and night in the library but that can actually drag you down. As the day goes on, you’ll find yourself fidgeting and just getting tired of the same library setting and all of that is distracting you from studying. It is better for you if you change up the scenery; even better if you study outside! {if weather permits}

Take A Break

When you take your scheduled break, take a break. Say it with me “Take. A. Break.”. Don’t sit around and stare at your work that you’ve done, don’t go and check Blackboard {or whatever site your school uses}, actually take a break. Go for a walk, read a book {non-school related}, go to Starbucks; just take a break!

I could probably go on and on but these are some of my important tips that should help you ace these upcoming finals! What are some of your finals week tips?!

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