Why You Should Getting Involved on Campus

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Between homework, projects, and adjusting to a completely new place, sometimes the last thing on a student’s list is to get involved in clubs or organizations. However, this is something you really should think about as soon as you possibly can. Most colleges have an abundance of clubs that students can choose from {plus you don’t have to choose just one!}.

I’m part of the Arizona State chapter of Her Campus and I’m so glad that I joined! It isn’t a club that meets often but I’ve met some awesome people through it, and gained some skills that can help me in the future {I am the Twitter manager for Her Campus ASU}. Clubs can give you transferable skills that you may not recognize now, but companies will in the future!

Many clubs understand that you have responsibilities and there’s no ramifications if you skip a meeting. You also don’t have to stay in a club that is no longer serving you and your needs. If you’re not enjoying a club anymore, then you don’t have to continue to be a part of it. A club should enhance your college experience, not drag you down and regret your choices.

Getting involved allows you to meet students with similar interests but different backgrounds and/or majors. Clubs are a good way to make friends with students, especially if you attend a large campus. Having that small group of friends can make you feel less alone on such a large campus!

If you haven’t gotten involved on campus yet, you should. Walk around your campus, there may be flyers hanging on classroom buildings/doors or in the dorm hallways. You can also ask your classmates if they’re involved or know of any clubs! {I’m sure professors would know too} Go find your fit on campus!

Are you in any clubs on campus?

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  1. I agree with getting involved around campus! It's such a great way to meet new people and make friends!Xo, Michellewww.mash-elle.com

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