Getting Your Roommate

It’s about the time of year where schools are starting to send out roommate assignments {if you didn’t already choose your roommate}. Moving in to a new place with a complete stranger can be very scary {it was for me}. This is also the time to determine who is bringing what to the dorm. You don’t want to have two of everything, or worse, none of anything.

When you get that email, the only thing your school may give you is their school email address, so you’re first going to have to email them.

Introduce Yourself

Since you’ll probably only have their email first, an introductory email will have to do. Introduce yourself, where you’re from and some random facts about you. What you send to your roommate is completely up to you. I would go with “anything you would want your roommate to tell you, tell them”.

Exchange Phone Numbers {if comfortable}

If you feel like you clicked with your roommate, give them your number so you don’t have to keep constantly checking your email; or you so can send them decor pictures while you’re dorm shopping! Plus, most people {like me} prefer texting over emailing.
Ask What They Were Planning on Bringing

Many students {girls} know what they want to bring to the dorm already. However there are some things that they might not be thinking about like:

  • a vaccuum
  • dish soap
  • dishes
  • cleaning supplies
  • microwave/mini fridge {if not provided by your school}
  • shower curtain {we forgot this, it was pretty funny}

There are many things that can get overlooked in the excitement of figuring out which bedding you really want. So ask them, because maybe they have thought about it.

Coordinate Between What You Both Have/Need

Here’s where it gets fun and where communication is key. After you realize all of the extra things you’ll need, hash out the details of who is going to bring what. Make sure you divide it fairly, don’t make your roommate buy everything but don’t have them make you buy everything. If you have financial concerns, let them know; they could either absorb that cost or you can both decide that you don’t really need it. Make sure you cover everything that you’re going to need, and make sure you cover your needs before you talk about your wants.

Stay in Contact!

You’re going to get your roommate assignment about a month {or more} prior to move in day. My roommate and I didn’t talk after the “coordinating” stage and it just set it all off on the wrong foot. You don’t have to become BFF’s right away, but you shouldn’t still be complete strangers on move in day.

I really hope you get a great roommate and enjoy the dorm experience! What are some of your tips for getting/meeting your roommate?

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