How to Manage Your Midterms

Just the word midterms can send a student into a whirlwind of emotions, myself included. Thankfully, I haven’t really had many midterm exams in my college career, I’ve mostly had midterm-type papers. However, I have had a few midterm exams myself, and I have one this semester.

Midterms can be tricky and can seem like they pop up out of nowhere. Although you shouldn’t worry about them from the first day of class, don’t forget about them as you’re making your spring break plans! Here’s how to manage your midterms and study time so you can have a relaxing spring break afterwards!


Just because it’s half a semester’s worth of information, doesn’t mean you only need to study half of the time. Take the time out of your day, find a quiet place and crack open those books because it’s time to study!

Study Keyterms/Objectives of a Chapter

A midterm isn’t just over one chapter, meaning most of the questions aren’t going to get into too much detail. Make sure you study the keyterms and objectives that begin each chapter. If you understand those keyterms, then other more detailed questions will be easier for you to work through and figure out.

Study by Teaching

Help your friends out while studying. It’s been proven that you retain information better if you teach it to others. You don’t have to be an expert, just work through something with someone or try and explain a concept in your own words to someone else.

Take a Break

Every once in awhile, take a break. Your brain needs rest and it will not be able to process the information if you just continue to try and shove more and more into it. Plus, your attention to the work will decrease as well as your level and effort into studying the material.

Turn Off the Social Media

It does you no good to be studying and constantly check your Twitter or Instagram between every paragraph of reading {guilty}. Turn off the social media, put down the phone and focus on the material that you’re studying for. Everyone’s pictures will still be there later.

Go out there and ace those midterms! Do you have any tips for those taking midterms this semester?

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  1. Hi Lauren! I love studying by teaching. If you can explain a concept to someone else, that's a good indicator that you understand it well 🙂

    1. I do too. It's very helpful. Plus teaching someone else can help you understand concepts that you may not have understood before.Lauren | The Arizona Prepster

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