Moving Out of the Dorms

Happy Tuesday! For many the school year is about to end and that means that it’s about time to start moving out of the dorms!

You have your entire family there to move you in to your dorm, but at the end of the year what happens? You’re all excited for move in but all of a sudden move out time comes and you have no idea what to do! Moving out can be more stressful than moving in if you’re not prepared.

Ship Items Home

This is my biggest tip to you and what many people do!!

If your family cannot com back and help you move back home {or to a new apartment} then ship your items back home using UPS or FedEx. This is something that many students have done. If your moving back home, your parents could always pay for shipping and then you just have to get them into the mail. This is good for extra clothes you accumulated over the year, or desk supplies that you can’t take with you.
Donate Items You Know You Won’t Need

When I moved out of the dorms last year, there were options to donate bedding, clothing, unused supplies instead of just throwing them away. If you don’t need it the next year, you can donate it! Even if your college doesn’t have a donation area, you can always find a Goodwill either near your school or go online and have them pick up your items!


If you do have to throw items away, make sure that anything you can recycle, is recycled. It’s simple, just recycle!

Clean, Clean, Clean!

I know this may sound daunting but dorms do inspect the room prior to you “officially” moving out. You can be charged from anything from a stain on the carpet to a broken desk. Hopefully you have taken care of your dorm throughout the year, but make sure you do a quick clean before your RA inspects your room.

Also note, you’re only responsible for YOUR HALF of the room. If your roommate has damaged something on their half of the room, then they get charged a fee; not you.

Move Out On Time

Most schools have a deadline of when you have to be out of the dorms. Don’t dilly-dally and procrastinate. When your RA’s begin giving you information about moving out; start making your plans immediately!

Moving out can be pretty stressful. Communicate with your family and make sure everyone is on the same page about you moving out and coming home. Don’t make it harder than it needs to be! What are some of your tips on moving out?! Let me know!

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  1. These are great tips! I used to dread moving in and out of the dorms. My house was 3.5 hours from my school and I went home pretty much every weekend so I would take things back and fourth bit by bit so it was less overwhelming!xxLauren Elizabeth Petite in Pearls

    1. I was excited to move in becuase I had my family but dreaded moving out because I just had my boyfriend and my family is in California. Somehow, we got it done and everything was fine but with everything else going on, having to worry about moving out was stressful!Lauren | The Arizona Prepster

  2. For someone like me who is about to enter college, these tips are great to know! A few are useful for just moving out of my house to move into the dorm too – if you ever post any tips for moving into the dorms or you already have, please let me know!Hailey – http://www.asouthernsunshine.com

    1. Yay! Congrats about going to college! And yes, they're also meant to be helpful to those moving out of a parent's house or apartment! I haven't posted about moving in to the dorms yet, but when the school year comes back around and move in time comes, I'll post about it {Late July/early August}Lauren | The Arizona Prepster

  3. Great post Lauren! I live close enough to home that I drag everything back and forth. Hopefully, I will be in the same apartment for the next few years so I won't have to do that. Shagunagold&hearts

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