College Tips: Summer Classes

School is wrapping up and you’re stuck with the decision of whether to take college classes or not, or you have to take summer classes because you are behind on your degree. Regardless, the term “summer classes” is in your brain and you don’t know what to do about it.

First I want to say, if you don’t have to take a summer class then don’t take one unless you absolutely have to. Summer classes do cost money and time out of your summer. So, really take into consideration if you really want summer classes.


  • Get ahead in your degree
  • Take classes you don’t have room for in the semester
  • Keep busy so you’re not being a couch potato
  • Take classes that may not be offered during the regular semesters


  • Costs money, per credit hour
  • It’s through the summer
  • No relaxation and rest time

So I came up with four pros and three cons; these are general and do not include other things that I would consider like housing and driving. I suggest taking anything and everything into consideration before choosing to take summer classes.

Now I’m going to give you some tips on taking summer classes if you choose to take them.

Take it Seriously

Yes you may be taking a summer class and it may be online and you think that it is easy peasy {peezy?} but that is the wrong mentality! You cannot go in to this class and think that the online class is going to be super easy. It is better to go in thinking that it’s going to be hard and finding out that it’s easier than going it thinking it’ll be easy and finding out that it’s really hard.

Know Your Limits

This goes back to thinking summer, online classes are easy. Online classes can be difficult because you have to remind yourself to get online ad do the work and block out the time yourself. Kow your limits, you know how you are in the summer. Don’t take too many classes if you know that during the summer you have other stuff planned or want to relax.

Take Time Out for Yourself

You need to make sure to give yourself time to relax and give your brain a break. Summer vacations should be used to relax and maybe get a job if you need one. If you don’t, then you should use this time to relax your brain and take some R + R for yourself. So if you do decide to take some classes, try to minimize the amount or take them in one half of the summer {if you can}. Make sure you take care of yourself!

If you choose to take summer classes, or you have to, good luck! Have you taken a summer class? Do you have any tips? Let me know!

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  1. I started summer classes this week and I definitely think the pros outweigh the cons! I know I'll be really happy in the long run that I got these courses out of the way and I'll hopefully be graduating early because of it.

    1. That's great! I think the pro's outweigh the cons as well. I hope you get to graduate early! Good luck in your classes!Lauren | The Arizona Prepster

  2. I've took both summer and winter courses when I was in college in order to get done faster! I actually liked getting through a course more quickly. xxLauren Elizabeth Petite in Pearls

  3. Just signed up for 2 classes for the summer! I love online classes even though they can be quite dangerous! Shagunagold&hearts

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