College Tips: Take Home Exams

Hello! Today I’m going to talk about some college tips for take home exams!

Most college students hate exams {completely understandable}. So when a take home exam comes along, many students jump for joy, stuff the test in their binder/folder/black hole and never look at it until the night before. That is NOT the way to do it. Just because you can put it off until the last minute doesn’t mean that you should. Usually take home exams are equally as difficult as an exam that you would take during class but many don’t realize it until the night before when they’re stressing out.
Don’t Procrastinate

I know that a take home exam means you can do it on your own time but that doesn’t mean to push it to the back of your mind until the night before it’s due. Plan out time for yourself so you can sit down and put your undivided attention to the exam. You need to treat this like an exam that you would take in the classroom {you wouldn’t have Netflix on in the classroom}.
Don’t Rush

Great! You’ve planned out exam time and here you are getting ready to just crank this out as fast as possible. WRONG! Rushing and not taking your time on a take home exam is just setting yourself up to do poorly on that exam. If you want to get an A you have to put in some time and effort into answering the questions.

Use Your Notes

This should seem like a no-brainer but you have the opportunity to use notes so use them!! If you don’t know something, then look it up! If you took quality notes, then they should be very helpful to you. However, don’t lean on them; don’t look for every answer in your notes. You should try to answer the questions without notes before you go searching for the answer.
Check Your Work

If you plan out your time correctly you should have enough time to thoroughly check your work. Since your not constrained to your class’ hours while taking this, you can thoroughly go through your exam and make sure that you have said everything that you needed to say in the clearest way possible. Don’t forget, this is also the time for you to check your spelling and grammar and do the final proofread before you hand it in to your professor. They’ve given you the extra time, they expect it to be high quality.

These tips should help you be able to succeed on take home exams. Although they seem like they’re going to be easier, they are usually not easier than a normal exam. This is why you need to treat a take home exam like a regular exam. Good luck on your exams, take home or in class!

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