Complete 2019 Blog Traffic Report

Hey there! Can you believe it’s 2020 already? I swear, 2019 just flew by like it was nobody’s business. With that being said, it’s time to share my 2019 blog traffic report.

So, with that being said, let’s see how 2019 was for Creatively Lauren!

Google Analytics

So for the year, I had 24,586 visitors to the site and 33,744 pageviews. Compared to 2018, that is up 76% and 70% respectively, which I think is awesome! This was my first full year on WordPress self-hosted and really trying to master Pinterest and I think it definitely paid off. My best month of traffic was August. For August, I had 6,329 visitors and 8,078 pageviews. This was because one of my college post pins went viral, it’s popular year-round but since August is back-to-school time, it really took off.

Out of this information, 19,955 of my visitors came from social channels. Of those people, 18,328 of them came from Pinterest. So, 18.328 of my 24,586 visitors came from Pinterest, that’s awesome! I think that I want to work on SEO this year and work on my organic search traffic.


Twitter was pretty consistent all year, nothing too up or down. I ended the year with 350,630 impressions for my tweets and 1,242 followers. my followers pretty much plateaued around July and hung around 1,240 and 1,250 for the second half of the year. However, it was still an increase in 134 followers from the end of 2018. I know, nothing too spectacular, but it’s some progress, we’ll see how 2020 fares!+

I really tried to use Twitter as a place to just be myself and talk to my audience. towards the end o the year I finally turned off my IFTTT applets and stopped auto-posting to Twitter. They weren’t doing anything for me and kind of just looked self-promote-y when I wouldn’t post organic tweets for a while. So, we’ll see what we do with Twitter in 2020.


Pinterest did pretty well throughout the year, it was definitely what brought me the most traffic. In total, I got 2,485,374 impressions and 1,989,136 viewers on the pins on my profile, my pins and others that I repinned. For just my pins, I received 2,670,896 impressions and 2,227,801 viewers. I ended the year with 2,990 followers, which is an increase in 1,072 from the end of 2018.

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With all of that being said, Pinterest referrals made up 75% of my traffic in 2019. That’s incredible. That is with no ads, no paid boosting or anything like that I was able to do this. I did use Tailwind, which is a paid service, but I think it is totally worth it, so you can set a week’s worth of pins and forget it. If you’re busy and you think that you don’t have time to sit on Pinterest and manually pin 100 pins a day, then I highly suggest looking into Tailwind.

Final Thoughts

This year was definitely an improvement for Creatively Lauren and I really think that being on self-hosted WordPress has definitely helped with that. Pinterest is definitely another reason for the increase in traffic this past year. I can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store and what I can accomplish this upcoming year!

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