Day Trip to Sedona

Hey there! Today I wanted to share about my day trip to Sedona with Matt to look at wedding venues last Wednesday! I was looking forward to this day for about a month! We had never been to Sedona before today but heard so many good things. We knew that the red rocks would be a perfect place to get married.

So, we left Phoenix for Sedona at about 9:30am and I was nothing short of amazed with the scenery when we got there. As we got close, I still didn’t see any red rocks, but when we saw them, we SAW them. (Yes, they really are THAT red.)

Did you ever hear about the one and only McDonald’s that doesn’t have Golden Arches? Yeah, we found it in Sedona!

Here is the lawn of the venue that we are thinking will be the one!

This mural is at our potential venue. I thought it was very cute. It definitely fit the theme of the place, and Arizona in general.

Another angle of the lawn that is at our potential venue!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and pictures! Have you ever been to Sedona? 

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