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Hey there! This is one of the most exciting times of the year for college students! It’s move in time and that means that you are moving into a new space and looking to make it your home. I remember decorating my dorm my freshman year. You don’t have much space so you want to make it feel as much like “you” as you can! So today I wanted to share 10 accessories to help decorate your dorm room!

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So, here are 10 accessories for your dorm!

Rose Gold Marble Mousepad

This mousepad is so cute! Rose gold and marble is definitely in right now and this mousepad will make any dorm desk look good!

U Brands Desk Accessories

Make your desk organized and ready for class with this set! It contains a cup holder, tape dispenser, some binder clips, a pair of scissors, a stapler, and two retractable pens!

Polka Dot Folder Set

Keep your papers organized with these polka dot folders! Give each class a design and take your cute folders to class!

Rose Gold Gem Pens

These pens make cute desk accessories to give you motivation to be a boss! These gem filled pens look luxurious!

White and Gold Mouse

Need a mouse for your computer? Here’s a sleek white and gold mouse that connects to your computer by USB so there is no wire attached to it!

Desktop Filing System

Organize your classwork on your desk with this filing system. Organize by class, by due date, whatever organizational system works for you!

White Desk Organizer

A messy desk means a cluttered mind and unorganization. Get your desk organized with this whte desk organizer and unnclutter your workspace

Desk Block Calendar

When you’re in the midst of your semester it’s almost like you forget what the date is. This cute

Rose Gold Keyboard and Mouse

Accessorize your desk with this cute rose gold keyboard! It connects to your computer by USB so there are no wires! Unfortunately, according to Amazon, it is only compatible with Windows and not with Apple.

Copper Marble Jotpad

Do you ever have an instant thought that you just need to jot down really quickly? This cute copper and marble jotpad is perfect to have on your desk.

I hope you enjoyed these picks!

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