Dots of Happiness Product Spotlight: Pumpkin Interlocking Monogram Wooden

First off, sorry I have been MIA lately; I have been swamped with exam after exam and assignments on top of assignments. So now that all of that is out of the way, I can get back to telling you about this awesome product!

This product is unfinished so you can paint it however you like. It is definitely a good choice for the first time DIY-ers but also for the DIY veterans. They have many sizes from 18″ up to 36″ (increasing in increments of 2″). You can have a single letter monogram, a two letter monogram, or the conventional three letter monogram.

I, unfortunately could not get a picture from the website BUT here is a link to the product so you can see just how awesome it is yourself:

This product is perfect for a Halloween decoration for your home or your kid’s bedroom. Also, it is perfect if you want to make it an unconventional pumpkin and then it could be hung around your home year-round. The starting price is $29.00 for the 18″ and increases in increments of $2 for every increase in 2″. The 36″ wooden pumpkin is $69.00. It is cute and very functional and should be a part of everyone’s Halloween decorations.


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