Embracing Change in Your Twenties

Hey there! Today I wanted to talk about embracing change in your twenties. Your twenties can be a hard time, moving out for the first time, graduating, finding your first “adult” job, finding a long-term partner, etc. There are a lot of changes that can occur in your twenties that you’re not necessarily prepared for and they can become very overwhelming.

One of the key things to getting through the change is realizing that it is inevitable, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. We may not want things to change, but it will happen, time does move forward. So, after realizing that change is going to happen regardless of if you want it to or not, let’s get into some ways that will help you embrace change.

Confide in your friends

This is important. If you’re struggling to accept the changes that are going on in your life, then turn to one of your friends that you can trust. It’s not good for your emotional and mental health if you bottle up how you’re feeling about what is going on. They want to help you, and they will be there to lend an ear, as well as some pieces of advice from the outside looking in, which is sometimes what we really need.

Find Another Outlet For Your Control

One thing that I’ve noticed over time is that the reason that we get anxious about change is because most of the time, the change is not within our control, and that is something that can be scary. We want to believe that we are in control of our lives, and that is not always the case when it comes to change. One way to overcome this is to find another outlet with something that you can control, to release your feelings. This is one reason why I started a bullet journal. I create my own spreads and layouts and design them however I want to, which allows me to keep some kind of control in my life.

Write Out Your Feelings

This is one thing that I have found very helpful over time. Sometimes, we aren’t good at expressing our emotions or how we are feeling verbally, but we still want to be able to get them out. Writing them down is a good way to get them out. Nobody has to see what you write to yourself, therefore you are able to be brutally honest in how you’re feeling, because you’re the only one who is going to see it.

Be Aware of Your Mindset

It’s also really important to know that whatever you’re going through isn’t permanent. Mindset is very important in getting through a rough situation. I’ve learned that if you keep a negative mindset about something, you will begin to notice that the situation will always seem to get worse. Now, a mindset can only get you so far, but reminding yourself that the way you feel isn’t going to last forever is very important.

The last thing I want to leave you with is this. “The only constant in life is change”. That is true. Not many things are constant in this world, except change. I know it can be stressful, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Have you had to embrace change recently? Let me know what you did to push through it in the comments!

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