Every 15 Minutes

During my senior year of high school, I participated in a program called Every 15 Minutes. It was one of the most eye-opening, life changing experiences I have ever been a part of. It is put on every other year (our city’s other high school does it when we don’t) and spring 2015 is Royal’s turn to do it.

It is put on for juniors and seniors and this year my brother is a junior and I want him to be able to be a part of the same program I was. Royal High School is located in Simi Valley, California.

This program involves the local police department, fire department, hospital, junk yard for cars and so many people and organizations behind the scenes to put this on. The bill does pile up and it does get expensive. However I believe that the benefits outweigh the costs. That being said, my school needs help.

My high school needs help in raising the money needed to put on this beneficial program. If people can raise money for a mom who left her kids in a hot car, I think you all can help me raise money for my high school to help teach about th dangers of drinking and driving. The link to the Gofundme is http://www.gofundme.com/g5juzo. I and my school would really appreciate your help. If you have any questions please contacts Harriet Hunsaker, you can contact her on the page.

The national website for Every 15 Minutes is http://www.every15minutes.com/. If you would like to do this at your school, please contact me and I will ask Harriet on how to help you.

Thank you so much for your help. Please share this with whomever you can.


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