Fall Fashion

Fall is finally among us! (Well, at least it’s finally showing up in Arizona).

Fall is the second most wonderful time of the year (Sorry, Christmas season is first!) because of the wonderful outfits that appear when the weather gets cooler! These include vests, flannels, skinny jeans, tall boots, sweaters and scarves. Layering these just so can make you the cutest girl at school or work!

Here is some of what you’ll need:

J.Crew Vests: A vest is a necessity for fall fashion. They compliment your layered look and just add that touch of fall to your outfit. Now I know that J.Crew vests are pretty expensive and if you don’t have the money to shell out on their coveted Herringbone vest or any of their puffer vests, I know Old Navy has some dupes for a decent price. Or if you really want J.Crew, save up your money!

Duck Boots: Another necessity, especially for when it starts to get into the colder parts of fall. Pair these with a cute pair of boot socks over leggings and you are the essence of prep! These are good for any cold, rain or even snowy day!

Hunter Boots: THE rainy day necessity! These are the rain boots that every preppy girl needs to have in their closet. Again, pair with leggings and a plaid button down and you will be comfortable through any rainy day. If you want, you can even wear them in the snow!

Plaid Button Down: Plaid just screams fall. Add a vest or a sweater and you have an awesome fall look! There are many different plaid colors you can choose from so you’ll always have a different shirt everyday. Stay classy yet stylish with a plaid button down!

Navy Blue Blazer: Who doesn’t need a navy blue blazer? Not only does this add a nice touch of professionalism but it also gives you a chic look. Blazers are always in style and always a necessity. Navy blue goes with just about anything, this needs to be in your closet.

Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt: Vineyard Vines is a household name in preppiness. Their shep shirts are sought after year after year. These can be worn any time of the year but the fall is the perfect time for these classic pullovers. They are a quarter-zip pullover and are very comfortable.

Tory Burch Flats: Everyone needs a pair of flats! Paired with skinny jeans and a cute top, you will have a cute and fun look that is comfortable yet stylish. Tory Burch also has riding boots that many, including myself, consider a fall necessity. However flats can be worn at school or work and don’t leave your feet hurting like heels do.


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