My Favorite Blogmas Posts

Hey there! Blogmas is almost over, only two more days left! Since we’re nearing the end, I wanted to share some of my favorite blogmas posts from this year. Christmas posts are some of my favorite posts because I love seeing how other people celebrate the holidays.

My Favorite Blogmas Posts

It’s important to me to share other bloggers and spread joy in the blogging community. So, I want to share other bloggers’ Blogmas and holiday posts and spread the joy this holiday season! Don’t forget to catch up on all things Blogmas on Creatively Lauren!

The Christmas Tag // Let’s Go Somewhere McKinney

I love these get-to-know-me type posts from Blogmas. Blogmas is the perfect time to open up on your blog with your readers, and this blogging couple did just that.


Things I Can’t Live Without at Christmas // Life with Lynette

I love that this list isn’t all the typical “Christmas lights” or “Christmas movies”. There are a lot of personal sights and smells that make Christmas special to Lynette.

Twitter: @LifeWithLynette

10 Things to Let Go of Before the New Year // Self-Care Overload

Blogmas means that it’s almost time for the new year. This post is so important because Kendra shares things that we need to let go of to lead a happier and healthier life. I know there are some things on this list that I need to work on! Now, does everyone need to let these things go? No, but I’m sure there is something everyone has to let go of.

Twitter: @selfcareovrload

How to De-Stress During the Holiday Season // Weesi’s World

The holidays can be very stressful with trying to spend time with your family, finish work before the holidays, and put together the perfect Christmas for your family. Denise shares her advice on trying to avoid stress during the holidays.

Twitter: @weesisworldblog

My Christmas Wishlist // Alexandra Quinlann

I love reading these types of posts and seeing what people have on their wishlist. I’ve done a couple of wishlist posts before. I love that Alexandra prefaces the post with the note that she doesn’t expect to get these gifts, but that she enjoys reading these posts so she created one. I think that’s awesome!

Twitter: @heyitsaliquinn

How have you been enjoying blogmas? Whose blogmas posts are you loving right now? Let me know in the comments below!

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