February 2019 Blog Traffic Report

Hey there! It’s time for my monthly blog traffic report! This month was alright for the blog, I did take two and a half weeks off from posting because my dad passed away this month. I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of things.

Every month I share my traffic stats to show what my numbers are, how I use social media to drive traffic to my blog and to share that it’s okay to have lower numbers. Many traffic reports show these big numbers and make newer bloggers feel disappointed about their numbers. Remember, it’s not always about the numbers. You can have lower numbers but a tight-knit community. Stop comparing, and do you!

So, let’s get into this month’s numbers!  This month I only posted five blog posts. As I mentioned, my dad passed away this month, so my posting basically ground to a halt this month.

Google Analytics

This month I had 1,081 users and 1,158 sessions that resulted in 1,708 pageviews. A majority of my pageviews come from Pinterest, Pinterest is my top traffic referrer. Since I moved to WordPress though, I have been trying to work on my SEO and bring up my organic search results.


For Twitter, I ended the month with 32,800 impressions and 1,202 followers, which is awesome! I still am using Google Calendar and IFTTT to schedule my tweets for me, but I tried to be more active myself on Twitter. I did change up some of my automatic posts and update them with my most recent ones. Twitter is a good place to interact and get to know people. I’m loving sharing genuine posts and talking to people.


I ended the month with 75,231 impressions and 58,869 viewers total for the whole month. I also ended the month with 2,145 followers, which was an increase of 74 followers from last month.

I also ended the month with an average of 182,508 monthly viewers and 9,648 average monthly engaged users. This is a significant decrease from last month. I’m not surprised by these stats. I wasn’t as active on Pinterest for almost three weeks, so it’s not surprising to see this dip. I’m going to have to work to get them back up.

This month I got 161,115 impressions and 135,938 viewers for just my website’s pins. That means that my pins get 5,754 average daily impressions and 4,855 average daily viewers. That’s a little bit lower compared to last month, but not too bad.

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I hope you enjoyed this month’s traffic report! Do you have a traffic post you want to share? Let me know in the comments!

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