Finals Week: Fall 2014

Happy Monday!

Today marks the beginning of finals week for Fall 2014 at ASU. Now I know that not every school begins finals week this week but many do.

Finals week can be very stressful but you will get through it! Here are some of the tips that I learned by going through finals week.

One Sleep: Make sure you get enough sleep. Regardless of how much you have studied, if you don’t get enough sleep, you might as well not have studied at all. You may be able to skate by class on minimal sleep but taking an important final deserves much more attention to sleep than just a minimal amount. If you want to be able to retain the information that you learned/studied then you need to be able to give your brain the rest it deserves so it can recharge and be ready for that final!

Two Don’t Cram: Now I am guilty of this but it actually is more harmful to cram the night before. This also goes along with the first tip because if you stay up cramming the night before, you won’t get enough sleep. I also find cramming to be unhelpful because if you don’t already know it, cramming won’t help you. I harshly found out that the information you cram leaves your head the day of the test just as fast as it entered the night before. I’ve also learned that if you cram certain information the night before, you won’t remember the other information that could be important but you didn’t cram since you spent the whole night before focusing on certain information.

Three Eat Breakfast: This may seem silly but it really does help to eat breakfast before a test. One reason is that it won’t growl loudly and embarrass you during your test. However a more important reason is that eating breakfast will help you wake up and wake your brain up. Waking your brain up will help you remember all of the information that you have been studying for the past few days (not cramming). Eating breakfast gives you energy and wakes you up. You don’t want to be known as the student who fell asleep during the final!

Four Confidence: This might sound dumb but if you go into a test with confidence, you will more than likely do better on said test. By confidence I also mean have confidence that you answered the question as best as you could. With multiple choice answers, if you answer a question and then go back and change it, you will probably get it wrong. An exception would be if you know for a fact that you answered it wrong the first time. Trust your gut because you will be right the first time more often than you think. With short answer questions, just write what comes to your mind while still staying on topic. Many professors will give you some credit if you come close to answering the question.

Five Do Your Best: This is a given, but sometimes we need that little reminder. Do your best on every question and if you don’t know it right away, skip it. Don’t waste your time on questions you don’t know. You want to leave your finals knowing you did the best that you could. If you do your best, you have nothing to be disappointed about.

If you’re taking finals in the upcoming weeks, good luck! This is the last hump before winter break!

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