First Week of School Recap

My first week of school was over on Thursday {yay for four day school weeks!}. It was definitely a good week {but is it Spring Break yet? Can I officially start a countdown now?} and I’m very excited for the rest of the semester!

On Monday, I “checked in” to my online class and had my theater class. For my religion class all I had to do was say “here” on a Blackboard discussion board {and I have to do that every single Monday}. During my theater class we went over the syllabus and I got to know my professor and he is a really cool person. He’s funny and really passionate about theater and loves being a part of it.

On Tuesday, I had my politics class {I’m still iffy on if I’ll like it or not, but I think it’s too late to back out now}. The professor is nice but when she walked in, she looked like a college student. She has her doctorate but she is short and petite and she just looked like a {well-dressed} college student.

On Wednesday I had my first class session of my theater class that didn’t involve going over the syllabus; I was put in a group with some other classmates. It was nice, I got to meet some new people {which I’m terrible at}. We did an activity to show how much we know about theater and how interdisciplinary it is and I liked it. It brought me back to those old high school memories. I really like my theater class, I can’t wait to see where it goes from here!

On Thursday, I had my politics class and we discussed the reading we had to do before that day {reading during syllabus week? Ugh}. It was an interesting read and the discussion was very fruitful. My professor is very nice and she seems helpful if we don’t understand something so I think that I will be okay with this class. It seems interesting now but we’ll see; I think it’ll still be interesting!

In case you missed my first day of school outfit, you can check it out here!

How was your first week of school?


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