Five Apps You Should Have as a Blogger

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In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is important to be able to take our blog on the go with us! Our phones are what keeps us connected to our blog and readers while we are away from the computer. With a wide range of apps available to keep you connected, I’ve rounded up the five that I believe that you need on your phone ASAP.


Crowdfire gives you updates about your follower count for Twitter and Instagram. If your blog really thrives on either of these platforms, this app will help keep you updated on your stats for these apps. The app also lets you follow and unfollow your fans and non-followers, for both Twitter and Instagram, straight from the app! You can even schedule tweets from the app. This is definitely an app that should be on your phone!


I’ve just recently started using Trello and I love it! {I plan on doing a dedicated post to it!} Trello is definitely something you should have in your app arsenal. A basic rundown of Trello is that you have boards, and you can add cards to each board. Meaning, this app doesn’t just have to be for blogging. I use one board as my editorial calendar and I’m part of another board for another group. I definitely think this is an app every blogger needs!


Evernote is a note-taking app that you can have sync to your computer. You can create notebooks for whatever you need. This app is so important because you can have a blog post idea at any moment, but if you can’t write it down in a central place, you may not remember it! {This has happened to me!} So keep all of those fabulous posts in one place!

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is definitely one app that you should have on your phone. If you’re out yet want to see how your post is doing, or how your blog is doing for the week, then you need this app on your phone. You still get all of the benefits of the desktop version, just on your phone!


This should be a given, but sometimes it can be overlooked. If you need to make a quick change to your upcoming post or accidentally find that spelling error, you need to be able to edit your posts on the go. {As far as I know, only Blogger and WordPress have apps for phones. However, I could be wrong.}

These definitely are the top apps that I have on my phone, along with a few others! It is important to have a strong arsenal of apps to help you accomplish what you need to when you’re away from your computer! What are the apps that you cannot live without for blogging purposes?


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  1. Great post! I'm always looking for apps and tools that can help me in the blogging world. I use Trello for my blog and at my marketing job. It's a huge help! Xoxo Mindy

  2. Crowdfire and Trello are two of my absolute favorite apps EVER! I use Trello for everything! HahaXO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  3. I've never heard of Trello or Crowdfire but they both sound super interesting! I'm intrigued, thanks for sharing your favorite apps!

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