Five Things to Do Halloween Weekend

Halloween is just around the corner! Besides trick-or-treating {which is always acceptable!},you may be stumped without any plans for next weekend. Here are some things you can do around your city {if these are available} to stay in the Halloween spirit!

Go to a haunted house

I’m talking about your neighborhood haunted house, like one up the street that advertises it. {Your local Holiday House} We had one up the street from me put on by our neighbor, and they had a really good one, they scared the crap out of me one Halloween!

Halloween Party

Get together with some friends and just hang out and throw a fun party! There’s nothing wrong with staying in for the night and just partying until dawn with some good friends! {Always be responsible}

Local Spooktacular!

Head over to your local “Main Street” and trick-or-treat around the participating shops! Support local business and get to know people in your community while having Halloween fun!

Fall Festival

Engorge yourself in some festival treats and enjoy the fall weather {if you have that}. Carnival rides and games always emit that fall feeling, especially on Halloween!

Scary Skate

Head over to your local ice rink, in costume, and skate the night away with your friends! Personally, this sounds like a really good time, and it would test your ice skating skills! Remember to stay warm!

Whatever you choose to do this Halloween, remember to stay safe and be responsible! Happy Halloween!


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