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My first week of class is done! {Well technically it was done yesterday but shush!}

One Wedding Invite: On Sunday I checked the mail and in the box was my cousin’s wedding invitation!!! {I was already planning on going but now it’s official}. The wedding is on March 7, 2015 and I am BEYOND excited to go! It’s going to be weird seeing my cousin get married but I’m so happy for her! It’s going to be a fun weekend {and it’s right before mine and Matt’s two year anniversary! It’s going to be a busy time! Don’t worry I’ll keep you updated!}

Two Theater Class: On Wednesday I mentioned a fact about NYC that my professor told our class and that is just one of the cool things I’ve learned/heard in the two days of this class. This class has already been interesting and I think that it will get more interesting; I mean it’s Intro to Theater and I used to be a part of theater! I’m pretty sure this class will be tied for “Favorite Class” with my Intermediate Creative Writing class. Honestly, although I love playing sports and being active {yes I think I’ve decided to forgo the drill team tryouts, for this semester} I am more of a creative individual and I always have been. Since softball basically consumed my life in high school {theater bumped in fall of junior year and then senior year but softball still came first} my creative side was kind of pushed away. I didn’t play my piano keyboard as much, didn’t really write, I hadn’t done choir since freshman year; I was kind of losing myself. But now, a sophomore at ASU, I have my keyboard back with me {and started playing, quietly, again}, I’m in another creative writing class, I have my blog, and now have this theater class {although it won’t require acting, I still love learning about it}. I feel like a different person, definitely happier. Hopefully this class will help keep up my creative self!

Three ASU West: Although I loved winter break {and would like Spring Break to get here for all of the fun things happening!} I was very happy to get back to the quiet campus of ASU West {and out of the apartment}. Monday and Tuesday had been cool, cloudy and {on Tuesday} rainy which makes the campus smell fresh and look beautiful. The only thing is that they’re still fixing the area of the water main break in front of the library so the construction fence is still there {boo}. Nonetheless, the campus is still as beautiful as I left it and I’m happy to be back on the cute little campus!

What are your favorite things?


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  1. Congrats on the end of your first week back! Congratulations on your cousin's wedding (and the invite) and that Theatre class sounds like so much fun!xx, Mikkaela

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