Friday Favorites: Back to School

Happy Friday! {I can now say that and mean it because I don’t work Friday mornings anymore!} I’ve been in school for just over two weeks now and it’s been going pretty well. So for this Friday Favorites, I’m going to talk about my reasons why I love back to school time.

Dining Hall Food

I know many people hate dining hall food but I think ASU West has some pretty good dining hall food. I also just enjoy not having to make my own lunch and getting to sit at a table once in awhile. Plus, the people who run the dining hall are very kind and sweet.

Beautiful Campus

I’ve said it so many times already but ASU West is such a beautiful and peaceful campus! It’s just so great to spend some time admiring the architecture of the buildings and the greenery that surrounds the campus. Some fresh air is nice when you get to enjoy a beautiful campus!

New School Supplies

I mean, who doesn’t love some fresh notebooks, pens, and highlighters? I know I do! New school supplies for a new year just makes me excited and feel like I can conquer anything {until I see the assignments lists for the semester…}

New Classes, New Friends

I take a class every Wednesday night for Barrett and I’ve made some new friends! It’s nice being able to talk to some people in class; PLUS after that class there’s an “after party” at Denny’s across from campus! {I didn’t go last week but I plan on going in the future}.

If you’re in school, do you like back to school time? What’s your favorite part?


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