Friday Favorites: End of School Year Edition

TGIF! Today is the last day of classes at ASU! {My last class was yesterday!} In honor of that, I’m going to list my favorite things about the end of the school year!

Returning Textbooks

The feeling of returning your rented textbooks {or selling back your purchased ones} is such a liberating feeling. Just walking out of the bookstore without the {literal} weight of your classes is just a great feeling!

No More Exams

Yes, no more staying up into the wee hours of the morning to study for an exam that you don’t care about!

No More Dining Hall Food

Goodbye dining hall, hello home cooked meals! The one thing I will miss though, is the french fries! Until next semester!

Your Own Room 

If you’re heading back home, that means that you’ll have your own room again! Even if you loved your roommate, sometimes you really just want to have your own space.

Less Stress, More Relaxation

Overall, the end of the school year means less stress and more chances to relax. Every student needs a break from the constant bombardment of homework and exams.

I’m so glad that my school year is just about over! What are some of your end of school favorites? Let me know!


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