Friday Favorites

This week was a pretty exciting week in finding favorite things to talk about!

One Michaela: Michaela from The Monogrammed Midwesterner celebrated her two year anniversary with her boyfriend Michael on the 8th! You can check out her post about it here! It’s a cute and unique story! Congratulations Michaela!

Two Guest Post: On Monday I wrote a guest post for The Kiss of Joy. My post was part of Felice’s 14 Days of Love series. The 9th was Matt’s and my one year and eleven month anniversary so I figured that would be the perfect day to post my guest post! You can check out my post here!  I hope you enjoy it!

Three Imagine Dragons: I’ve always loved Imagine Dragons and on Sunday during the Grammy’s they had a special live performance during a commercial break! It was a great {but short} show and was something that had never been tried before! Their newest album Smoke + Mirrors comes out on the 17th and I’m very excited!

What are some of your favorites?


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