Friday Favorites

I know I’ve been MIA for the past few days; I came back to Simi Valley on Wednesday and have been spending time with Matt and Gary before Matt had to leave today.
One  Freebirds: Okay you know Chipotle right? Well Freebirds is better than Chipotle! There are more options for your burrito, you can get nachos and the quality of the food is better overall! There are locations in California, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah. California and exas have the most locations in their respective states. I’m so bummed there isn’t one in Arizona but I’m glad there is one in Simi. Come on Phoenix! Get on the bandwagon!

Two Matt and Gary: Whenever Matt and I visit Simi we always try to hang out with Gary. We always have a lot of fun, even if we have no idea what we want to do. On Wednesday we went up to Red Robin and then back to Matt’s house to play pool and a board game. We also watched Zoolander, again, and just had so much fun! It’s always a blast catching up with Gary!
Three  Sephora: Last week we found an old gift card in Matt’s guest house while Matt, Gary and I were playing pool. It took about five minutes to realize that none of us had ever seen it. I though Matt gave bought it for me and forgot to give it to me, Matt thought it was mine and Gary said it was mine when Matt said he didn’t buy it. Regardless, it became mine that night! So today, before Matt left for the airport, Matt and I went to Sephora and I got to buy some new makeup as an early Christmas present for myself! Yay! I’ll show you what I got a little later!

What are some of your favorite things?


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