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Happy Friday!

I hope y’all had a productive week and are going to have an awesome and relaxing weekend! I’m going to wrap up this week with my current favorites from around the internet, music world, blogosphere, and well anywhere else I can find something interesting!

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  • I know I may be late to this, but the video for Justin Bieber’s song “Sorry” is hilarious! Also, these girls are very talented! {I didn’t think I’d say that I like a Justin Bieber song, sssh!}

  • I am currently obsessed with the song Co-Pilot by Andy Grammer!

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Posts from The Arizona Prepster This Week

Catch up on last week’s Friday Favorites!

Also, I’m happy to announce that I’m now a contributor for The Young Hopeful! My first post went live yesterday and it’s all about staying connected on campus as a commuter! Check it out!

Have a great weekend! What are some of your favorite from this week? Let me know!


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  1. I loved reading the link on 11 ways you can monetize your blog. It was very informative. Also JB's "sorry" song is one of my faves. Have a great weekend.MarlyWww.girlylove.org

  2. Melyssa kills it every single time! She gives such awesome tips and advice – I'm really looking forward to her webinar this week. There are so many great blogs out there right now. It's really exciting to read them all and to keep finding new ones! http://chasethewritedream.com

  3. While I love the song, the Sorry video would have been better if he was actually in the music video. Then again, maybe I'm picky and need to stop being 21 and liking Justin Beiber…

  4. I thought Shane's post earlier this week was amazing too, she was so brave to post that and really open up to her audience. Congrats on your guest post!

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