Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe night last night!

365 days ago I was sitting on Sierra Madre Blvd and Colorado Rd {yes on the street, see here}, in Pasadena watching all of the floats go by; I was living my dream and it was the best way to start 2014. It was a start to an adventurous and fun-filled year! Although I’m not traveling anywhere or going to any events today, being able to spend the day with Matt and post to you is a great way to start my year in my book!

In 2015, I plan to do many things, go on many adventures with Matt, go to a wedding {yay!}, post to you, and do other things spontaneously! I hope that 2015 treats me well but I also know that if I want it to be a good year, I have to work for it to be a good year and I will!

How was your New Year’s Eve?


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