Hello Again

Hey there! It’s been a while since my last post. This happens sometimes, I get in a funk with blogging when I lose my creativity. It usually happens when I’m under a lot of stress, which is what happened after my last post in July of 2021. A majority of the stress that pushed me into this funk was from my full-time job. Also, I shouldn’t say “was”, it’s still stressful right now but I think it’s finally starting to smooth out.

As I’ve mentioned before, I work for a major U.S. airline, and my husband Matt works for another U.S. airline. So we both have been going through it since the pandemic started. We are currently in recovery mode, and that has been just as difficult, if not more, than when travel plummeted in the spring of 2020.

2020 and 2021 were both a whirlwind, a blur. There was so much constant change that I couldn’t keep up. Constant regulatory and schedule changes were very difficult to navigate, plus the airport was empty. Literally empty, spent most of my 8-hour shift wandering around with my co-workers. Then, as soon as the changes started to slow down, travel started to slowly pick back up. Then the vaccine came out and the holidays got “busy”, the busiest it had been through the pandemic but nothing close to where we were. Spring break travel is what really exploded, and we seemed to struggle to keep up. Then 2021, travel demand exploded and our staffing could not keep up.

The past three years have been the fastest, yet longest three years ever.

New Branding

As you can see, the blog also got a makeover and a name change! I needed to make a real change. I didn’t think the Creatively Lauren fit me anymore. I had a hard time keeping up with separate accounts, so I’ve decided to just make my name my brand. I’ve never been big on the pink feminine brand style for my blog; it has just never felt right for me. I’ve always loved using blue. So I decided to use a monochromatic blue color scheme.

I used the Color Catalogue from Sarah Renae Clark to find my color palette. I love the color catalogues, they are very inspiring. If you do creative work, I highly suggest checking out the color catalogue. For the brand board, I used the Lady Boss Studio Instant Brand Blueprint to get inspiration for a new logo, new fonts, etc. I highly recommend the Instant Brand Blueprint if you’re looking to rebrand or you’re getting ready t start your own blog/small business.

So, this is the new brand board!

As you can see, the blog also got a new website design as well! I figured a brand refresh also deserves a theme refresh! I’m using a Hello You Designs theme. I’m using the Hello Chic theme. Hello You Designs now uses the Kadence Framework for their themes, which I have never heard of, let alone used before. The interesting thing about Kadence is that it’s very easy with the blocks to use.

I’m so excited to get back into blogging. I’m not going to commit to a blogging schedule right now, I don’t want to set too high of expectations and let you down. With the way my full-time job is, I’m keeping the blog flexible as my job is just very demanding right now.

Let me know what you think of everything!

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