Holiday Traditions

It’s the holiday season!

Side note before I start this post: Matt and I have been together for 21 month today! One year and nine months; that’s crazy!

Alright back to the post.

Many families have their own holiday traditions or lack-there-of {which is totally fine}. Today I’m going to talk about my family’s Christmas tradition!

Background about my family: I have my parents and a younger brother. My dad has two sisters {one who lives in the same town as us, one who lives in Utah} and they both have two kids as well! {I just love how it turned out so simple like that!}. Usually, my mom’s mom comes out from New York, but due to health concerns that didn’t happen last year and won’t this year.

Now to the tradition! My family, and my aunt {who lives in CA} and her two adult children all migrate to my dad’s parent’s house in Arcadia. It is this cute little house on a street where big mansions are taking over {which is quite sad actually}. Anyway, we bring all of the presents that were bought for each other {my family’s presents for my aunt and grandparents, etc.} and put them all under the tree and chit chat while we wait for everyone to arrive. While everyone is chit chatting I’m usually playing the piano while my brother is trying to mess me up {that’s always fun}. Then we chit chat some more until it’s time to open all of the presents.

Sometimes before we open presents, we walk down the street to visit Mr. P. Mr. P. is a friend of my dad’s parents and we visit him every year that he is in town on Christmas.

Here is where it gets fun! My brother and I sit on the floor in front of the tree {which is where we’ve sat since as long as I can remember, I know 19 years old sitting on the floor!}. But it’s tradition and I don’t mind! What’s funny is everyone sits in the same seats every single year, even though it’s obvious we can’t remember exactly where everyone sits.

After we open the presents and clean up the trash, then we sit around the table and eat ham, potatoes, corn and some other stuff that I don’t like but everyone else does. Then after dinner there’s usually cupcakes and my brother and I have ice cream out of these adorable ice cream cone-type bowls and there’s more talking. Then sometime later we decide it’s time to go. Then about an hour later we actually leave.

It’s usually a very exhausting day. We get to our grandparents around 2PM {after my family has gone through our opening presents and making a big breakfast} and then we leave around 9PM. It feels like two days in 24 hours so it gets pretty tiring. However tiring it is, it is one of the best days and last year I got to bring Matt {and plan to this year}. It made me happy to show him what my family does on Christmas.

I know soon this tradition will end as my grandparents get older and cannot take on the task of hosting all of us and cooking the dinner but for now I’m going to enjoy every chance I get to be in the little neighborhood of Arcadia and see my family!

What are some of your holiday traditions?


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