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Holiday Travel: What to Bring?

The end of the semester means {for most} it is time to make the trek back to your hometown for the holiday season! I am making the six hour drive from my apartment in Arizona back to California on Wednesday, and I haven’t even started packing! {shocking}

When you travel, you have to always think about this first: How are you getting there? If you are flying, you have to be careful with the amount that you pack since most airlines charge checked bag fees; so you can’t really pack your entire closet with you. If you’re flying, I recommend that you take mostly staple clothes that can be used in multiple outfits and then add some extras for those holiday parties or Christmas day outfits. However if you are driving you are more able to bring a more diverse amount of clothes with you.

Do remember though, your parents have a washing machine! You can always wash your clothes at home!

Here is some of the things that I am bringing with me:

Jeans: You can never have too many pairs of jeans!

Shirts: Long sleeve shirts are a must

Puffer Vest: Well, of course!

Dresses: One of these is for Christmas! Any guesses?

Sweaters: Because layering is key!

This is only some of the stuff I’m bringing. If I went through all of the clothes we’d be here until Wednesday

Also, remember that you will probably be getting clothes for Christmas so either leave extra room in your suitcase or make sure you have your dorm’s address so you can mail some stuff back if needed!

Are you traveling this holiday season? What are you bringing?


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