How to Decorate for Christmas with Cats

Hey there! Today I want to talk about how to decorate for Christmas with cats! Cats love to play with any kind of decoration that is shiny or looks like a string. Here is how to decorate with cats in the house!

Put the valuable ornaments toward the top of the tree

One thing cats love more than anything is the Christmas tree and the shiny decorations that you decorate it with. Many families have valuable or memorable, glass ornaments. I suggest putting these ornaments towards the top of the tree. Cats are less likely to climb the whole tree, so they’re less likely to knock over those valuable ornaments. Plus, they’re at eye level so you can enjoy them.

Put decorations higher up, like on a mantle

Put things that dangle, like stockings, on the mantle. If your cat doesn’t jump up on the mantle, then that is a perfect place to put your smaller decorations and hang your stockings from. It should be high enough that the cats don’t reach for them.

Give them their own Christmas themed toys to play with

Cat owners know that even if you buy them toys, cats still want to play with things they’re not supposed to. But, getting them their own Christmas themed toys should help keep them distracted with their own stuff and away from the Christmas decorations.

In the end, you know your cats and where they like to go. The key is to keep most of your decorations high up, and your valuable ornaments higher up on the tree, and out of their line of sight. Also, to keep them away from places they typically like to hang out. If you don’t give them the chance, they won’t ruin your decorations.

How do you decorate with cats? Let me know in the comments below

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