How You Can Use Trello for Your Classes

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Happy Wednesday!

Last Wednesday, I showed y’all how I use Trello as my editorial calendar and I said I would also show you how I use it as an assignments calendar. Well here is that post! I went through the basics of Trello in last week’s post {check it out here} so I’m not going to repeat all of the Trello basics. So here is how I use Trello for school!

So I create different lists depending on if the assignment is assigned, in progress, or done. I also have a separate list for exams. I wanted to keep those separate so I can keep my eye on them as they come up. In this setting, the labels are the classes. I have six classes, so I only have six labels. Each card only has one label because the assignment is only for one class.

Here is my Spring 2016 Assignments Board:

Trello Assignments Calendar

So I have every assignment {that has been assigned} in the “Assigned” column. When I begin to work on it or put it on my to-do list for the day, it moves over to the “In Progress/On Schedule” list. When I get an assignment done, it moves over to the “Completed” column. The “Exams” column is at the end, with only exams listed.

For most assignments, there isn’t a description, but it depends on if there is something I need to remember for the assignment.

Here’s one of my assignment cards:

Trello Assignments Card

For this assignment, I do have a description. I have the assigned reading that I need to write the response on. This is also where I can add labels, change the date, add attachments, etc.

Every assignment has its date assigned so it shows up on the calendar. I love seeing all of my cards on the calendar.

Here’s what my assignments calendar looks like:

Trello Assignments Calendar

I like this because I can see everything visually. On this calendar, there are clearly more cards on the screen. Only two cards fit in the box, but it tells you how many cards total they are. If you click on that day, it will show you all of the cards.

Using Trello to keep track of my assignments this semester has really helped me stay on top of my game. Since I have the app on my phone as well, it isn’t only limited to when I’m at home. I think this is one of the best ways to keep track of your assignments for the semester!

Have you used Trello for school? Make sure you check out last week’s post on using Trello for your blog!

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  1. My classes are pretty simple so far, but I should be a lot more organized sometimes, especially with my blog. I've never used Trello but I'm interested in it. I can plan my life with this doohickey! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You can definitely use it for your blog, I actually linked to a post in this one! You definitely should play around with it and see if you like it!

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