I Answer Your Questions! | Q&A

I Answer Your Questions!

Hey there! For this post, I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted to answer your questions that you were dying to know about me and Creatively Lauren! Yup, this is a Q&A!

What made you want to start a blog?

The reason I originally started my blog, which was under a different name, is different than why I continue to blog and why I rebranded it. When I originally started a blog, I loved to write and wanted to be a fashion blogger and eventually Youtuber. I honestly was looking at the free stuff, gorgeously posed Instagram pics, and got sucked into it. Eventually, I learned that fashion blogging is not for me, was super unhappy, and in 2016 I made a change. That’s when I started Creatively Lauren.

What was your biggest fear when starting a blog and how did you overcome it?

My biggest fear when I started was that no one was going to read it, or they would think it was bad, even though looking back: yikes it kind of was bad. I also think that some of that fear manifested because I was starting a blog in something I had no interest in previously, and really was starting it for the wrong reasons. I kind of just kept pushing through and posting what I wanted to post. Eventually, when I rebranded in 2016, I felt more comfortable with what I was putting out. I never settled, I was always trying to improve my blog for my readers.

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If you could have done one thing differently when starting your blog what would it have been?

I wish I would have thought about what I wanted my blog to turn into and thought about what I truly wanted to do with it deep down before jumping in with the hype. Like I previously mentioned, I kind of got sucked into the hype of free stuff and whatnot. I really wish that I took into account what I wanted people to get from my blog when I first started instead of trying to be like the bloggers I saw and was trying to be. That’s probably my biggest piece of advice. Start a blog because you have something to say, and be yourself! There is only one you, and there is room on the internet for you and your voice!

What is your main goal for your blog?

My main goal is to help people and show people that they’re not alone in the struggles they may be facing. I also want to show others that creativity is fun. Sometimes I feel this world is so black and white, rules this, regulations that and it just becomes so monotonous. I want to try and inject some creativity into the world and help others inject it into their lives.

What is your main motivation?

My main motivation is helping others. I love helping others. Although the main mission of my blog is to help others embrace their creativity in their life, my motivation really boils down to helping people by sharing my advice and experiences. If I can help one person by being vulnerable and open about something I’m going through, then I consider myself successful in what I’m doing. There are a lot of times I feel alone in the world, and I know I’m not the only person that feels that way. So, I want to share my advice, experiences, and tips so that someone else doesn’t feel so alone in their experiences.

Thank you to everyone who sent me questions! If you still have questions you can leave them down below and I can answer them in another Q&A post!

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