July Resolutions Update

I know this post is coming two days earlier than normal but that’s because something special is coming on Friday so stay tuned! {I’m super excited about it!!}

One  Spring 2015 Dean’s List: Achieved!

Two  Clean and Organize: This one has kind of slipped through the cracks this month. I had on the job training and then another week of training so I didn’t really have as much time as I wanted to keep up with cleaning. However, this past weekend I kicked myself into high gear and did a lot of “make up cleaning”.

Three Travel Internationally: Probably will not happen. Although with my job, it’ll be inexpensive {comparatively} do to so I’m just too busy to do it.

Four Get Healthy: I did pretty well with drinking water and not that much soda. When you are on your feet for eight hours and constantly talking you really need to stay hydrated and I think I’ve done very well. Anyone who knows me knows that I do not like drinking large amounts of water, however I know that it is really important to drink water.

Five  Be Happy: I’ve been pretty happy this past month. I actually got to work flights and I even though it was stressful, it was exciting to work the flights. Even though there has been stress and lots of time at the airport again, overall I was pretty happy during July.

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How are your resolutions going? Are you still keeping up with them?


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